The website was developed to help 71 alumni reconnect and as a planning tool for the reunion. 

Seemed like a long time when this website was set up but it's only been since April 2010. I was just was tinkering with the idea of the website and only had the domain name established, when a classmate, Kevin Hudson, had already found the site and sent me a message. Maybe through Goggle? That made my decision to go on with setting it up because I figured that there would be at least 2 people interested, Kevin and myself. lol Well, it quickly caught on and continues to grow.

I've gotten back a lot more than the time and money I have put into it. 

I have paid for the domain name  ( for the past three years as well as the monthly website subscription charges for the first year.  This was done as a gift from me and I really hope you enjoy it.  

Thank you for all the favorable comments I have received.  This was a new adventure for me and is still a work in progress.  Thank you for your patience,  Unfortunately some of the things I learned when I started this  I quickly forgot when I went through radiation treatment ! of perhaps it's just old age :)


 I decided to take advantage of a cyber Monday

discount  offer for our website subscription.

We have the website to use until April 2020  !!!!   Our current

subscription would have expired in April 2015

We have had some generous classmates that have

contributed to fund the website to keep the website

free for the next 5 years. 

Our new rate is 17.95 a year for the domain name,

and the monthly website subscription is now only 6.75 per month.

If anyone is interested in making a donation,  small or large, you may do so now by

clicking on the donate link on the upper right side of the main page. 

You can now pay by Paypal or find the instructions to pay by check.

Thank you for your support

Enjoy our 71 website!                            

Vicki (McCoy) Jensen (administrator)

  Thanks to the everyone that has made a donation to keep the website going. 

I will continue to volunteer to keep the website update as long as

 I can remember how to do it (ha ha) and alumni give me news to post .

There has been so many people that it's hard to list everyone.